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About WikiBuild

For the average Homeowner who doesn't know where to start with their construction project and is afraid of making the wrong decisions. Unlike all current sources of information available, WikiBuild gives free impartial advice that you can trust, so the homeowner can proceed with their project with confidence.

WikiBuild is a collective source of knowledge that educates, guides and advises homeowners from start to finish.

All advice and guidance is collaboratively compiled by independent Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and specialist trades; manufacturers and suppliers.

The Site

As you can imagine the sheer mountain of content (videos, blogs and information) that is required to cover all possible aspects of construction for each homeowner; from a leaking pipe to building their dream home; we (WikiBuild) and our contributors (professionals, trades and suppliers) are working tirelessly to get it together ASAP.

Meanwhile we have launched this site so that there is a place for you to visit and submit your queries for us to help you with.

When we do launch our main site, it will be continuously updated on a daily basis to keep up with new trends, materials, services and information in construction.

Why WikiBuild?

Before launching Wikibuild, our CEO always took on at least 3 projects a year that were pro-bono, as he knew their budget didn't allow for a professional and he also knew that they’d put themselves in a difficult financial position because the budget was so tight; this was a service that he enjoyed immensely, helping decent honest people achieve their dream house/extension and money was not the driving factor!!

The only frustrating thing about this was, he was only helping 3-4 people a year; not good enough!

WikiBuild is his/our vehicle to potentially help out tens of 000's of homeowners for free with no vested interest other than ensuring that the homeowner is getting the right advice and is guided throughout the process.

As owning a home and or buying a home is one of the biggest investments that most people will make in their lifetime, we want to ensure that people are given as much information and guidance as possible.

We know that there are fantastic professionals, trades, contractors and service providers that go far beyond their call of duty when it comes to their clients. These are the companies we want to put up on a plinth for all to see. We want to give easy access to these companies for homeowners, should they need them.

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You want advice/guidance about:

  • A building defect
  • A new build
  • An extension/alteration
  • Who to contact
  • What to do
  • Quick question
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You like what we’re doing and want to get on board

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Trades & Contractors

You want to be part of the change that’s needed in our sector and want to contribute?

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Suppliers & Manufacturers

Homeowners are important to you and you want to help make the difference that’s needed?

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  • Free impartial professional advice
  • Find answers quickly
  • Advice from start to finish
  • Who to
  • How to
  • Where to
  • Avail of huge discounts from suppliers
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